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Car Hood Series

Risk is closely connected to Southern California Car Culture.  He has collaborated on projects with many if the worlds top car designers and builders.  These original paintings are all done on vintage car hoods in tribute to Risk’s love of cars and car culture 

79 Regal Buddha

Rolling Risky 67 Poniac

PGFY Impala

Guitar Series

Risk is to art what Aerosmith is to Rock and Roll” - Aerosmith. Risk has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Rock. In 2014 Risk was commissioned by Aerosmith to paint a 9-foot Guitar Sculpture. A few years later “Doors” guitarist Robbie Kreiger commissioned Risk to paint a similar guitar sculpture. This 9-foot tall Guitar sculpture is the only one (edition of three total) that has Risk’s signature neon and “Metallic Tissue” elements.

The guitar strings are blue neon. The entire body of the guitar is covered in recycled spray paint cans and license plates.

Risk & Roll - 40 x 116 Inches


Risk has been devoted to art in electric media, exhibiting electric and kinetic fine art for over 25 years. His fascination with neon began in one of his early studios where he met a neighbor who made neon signs. Risk took hundreds of random scrap pieces and strung them randomly from fishing wire. He began clustering groups together by color to evoke emotion or cast a mood.
"I love neon because you can use it to evoke emotion. It is also synonymous with Los Angeles." - Risk

Rolling Risky Purple -

48 Inches

Rolling Risky Blue -

60 Inches

Rolling Risky Rainbow -

72 Inches

Rolling Risky Rainbow - 48" Round Neon

Rolling Risky Rainbow - 

48 Inches

Peaceful Buddha Rainbow - 48" Round Neon

Peaceful Buddha Rainbow -

48 inches

Felixy Red - 48" Round Neon

Felixy Red -

48 Inches

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 4.50.08 PM.png
Rolling Risky Red - 72" Round Neon

Rolling Risky Blue -

60 Inches

Rolling Risky Red -

72 Inches

Maritz Buddha crop.jpg
Peaceful Warrior Rainbow - 72" Round Neon

Wooden Peaceful Buddha -

48 Inches

Felixy Blue Starry Eyed - 60" Round Neon

Felixy Blue Starry Eyed -

60 Inches

Peaceful Warrior Rainbow -

60 Inches

Felixy Red Starry Eyed

Keep On Keepin On Rainbow - Round Neon

Keep On Keepin On Rainbow -

48 Inches

Keep On Keepin On - Square Neon

Keep On Keepin On - 

36x36 Inches

Live Fast Die Fun Rainbow - Round Neon

Live Fast Die Young Rainbow -

48 Inches

WTF Icon Lightning Bolt - Round Neon

WTF Icon Lightning Bolt -

48 Inches

WTF Icon - Neon

WTF Icon -

48 x 56 Inches

WTF Icon - Diamond Neon

WTF Icon - Diamond -

48 x 48 Inches

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi! - Neon

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi! -

36x48 Inches

Keep On Keepin On Blue - Rectangle Neon

Keep On Keepin On Blue 

36x48 Inches

Sex Drugs & Aerosol - Red Neon

Sex Drugs & Arosol -

36x48 Inches

PGFY Finger - Neon

PGFY Finger

48x52 Inches

Politely Go Fuck Yourself Orange - Square Neon

Politely Go Fuck Yourself Orange

36x36 Inches

Sex Drugs & Aerosol

36x48 Inches

PGFY Double-Sided Finger Neon

PGFY Double-Sided Finger

52x68 Inches

Grateful Dead Neon -

48 Inches

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