Color Wash

Risk’s work is a constant juxtaposition of advanced color theory. He applies multiple layers of paint various techniques starting with graffiti and ending with fine sprayed lacquer or resins over vintage candy, metal flake, and pearl car paints. The finished product evokes emotion as the coats of atmospheric colors and gradations are trapped between the layers of lacquers and pearls.

DH Studio12-0001.JPG


6x12 Feet

Collaboration with Dennis Hopper - Acrylic, Aerosol, Crushed Abalone and Lacquer on Original Dennis Hopper Photo Printed on Aluminum Panel

Led Zep Final 1 (1)-0001.JPG


6x12 Feet

Acrylic, Aerosol, Crushed Abalone and Lacquer on Canvas.

Metallic Tissue


As a Graffiti Artist Risk says "I spent so much time with a spray can in my had it feels like metal is in my DNA." The Metallic Tissue series are intricate painted images on metal panels made of Risk's used spray paint cans, license plates, road signs or other metal. Risk uses license plates as a metaphor for humans.  They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and come from different places.


Inspired by the Ferus Gallery movement artists. Risk respected Andy Warhol's ability to turn something as routine as a Campbell's Soup Can into iconic art. Risks signature "Riskoleum Can" is now an iconic symbol of his former graffiti roots incorporated with his contemporary Color Wash series