Ranging from life-sized multi-colored cows adorned with Butterflies, to an actual Cop Car cut in half lengthwise. Risk's sculptures are important artistic and political statements. His "Face Your Fears" sculptures come from a discussion with famed California Artist Ed Moses. He challenged Risk to incorporate things he was afraid of in his work. As a surfer, he decided to do a series of shark sculptures from reclaimed items. His first sculpture however was a real LAPD Police Cruiser intricately cut in half lengthwise. Risk explained that "If you are a graffiti artist, the real predators are the police."

“Face Your Fears” Small Shark
Sculpted From Found Metal Objects. 92 Inches Long, 66 Inches Tall, 52 Inches Wide – Weighs 550 Pounds. Exhibited at “Beyond The Streets” New York 2019
“Face Your Fears” Large Shark
Sculpted From Recycled License Plates. 18 Feet Long, 8 Feet Tall, 7.6 Feet Wide. Weighs 550 Pounds. Exhibited at “Beyond The Streets” Los Angles 2018
“Face Your Fears” Medium Shark
Sculpted From Found Metal Objects. 10 Feet Long, 7 Feet Tall, 5 Feet Wide. Weighs 850 Pounds Exhibited at “Beyond The Streets” Los Angeles 2018 and LA Art Fair 2019
“Face Your Fears” Cop Car
Actual LAPD Police Cruiser Cut in Half Lengthwise. 
222 Inches Long, 77 Inches Tall, 53 Inches Wide.
Weighs Approximately 1,500 Pounds.
Exhibited at “Beyond the Streets” Los Angeles 2018, LA Art Fair 2019
“Welcome to LA”
Aerosol on reclaimed metal doors. Statement about the “Old Guard” graffiti world meeting the new wave of “Street Artists.” The statement is “Welcome to LA” but remember the history and those that came before you and paved the way for the “Street Art” movement.
This piece was one of the showcase installations for Risk’s solo exhibit at the California Museum of Art TO 2019.
“Wind In My Sails”
Antique Boat Anchor, Neon and Brushed Steel Sculpture.
Keys to City
2019 – 12X42-Inches.
Chrome Plated “Bolt Cutters” in Plexiglass Box.
The title “Keys to the City” refers to Graffiti Artists using bolt cutters to access to buildings, billboards, train yards.
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