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 Ranging from life-sized multi-colored cows adorned with Butterflies, to an actual Cop Car cut in half lengthwise, Risk's sculptures are important artistic and political statements. His "Face Your Fears" sculptures come from a discussion with famed California Artist, Ed Moses. Moses challenged Risk to incorporate things he was afraid of in his work. As a surfer, he decided to do a series of shark sculptures from reclaimed items. His first sculpture however was a real LAPD Police Cruiser intricately cut in half lengthwise.
Risk explained that "If you are a graffiti artist, the real predators are the police."

"Face Your Fears" Cop Car Sculpture

"Face Your Fears" Cop Car

"Face Your Fears" Medium Shark Sculpture

"Face Your Fears" 10 Foot Shark

"Face Your Fears" Small Shark Sculpture

"Face Your Fears" 7 Foot Shark

"Welcome To LA" Sculpture

"Welcome To LA"

Zildjian Gong

Zildjian Gong

"Face Your Fears" License Plate Shark Sculpture

"Face Your Fears" License Plate Shark

Dolphin Sculpture

Dolphin Sculpture

Bob's Big Boy Sculpture

Bob's Big Boy

“Wind In My Sails” Sculpture

"Wind In My Sails"

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